Anyone ever tried Visaton R10SC, 4" FR?


2008-02-22 1:21 pm

Solen has them on sale for 8$ a piece here in Québec.

What worries me is their high Fs for a 4", 163Hz. Qts is also high, at 0.85, but liveable, if it's the actual value and does not measure higher in real life. HF response also falls off rapidly after 12-13kHz. Perhaps they would make a better "widerange" driver than "fullrange", a good mid with wide response.

Anyone ever tried them?



2007-10-09 7:30 pm

I have built 12 columns of 8 speakers each for PA use

I can play them very loud when stacked 3 high and 2 wide per side.
2kw per side is no problem (48 speakers per side).

the directvity makes it easy to compete with horn designs, yet very good voice/ music reproduction. crossing above 250 hz ..