anyone ever run PE 1000W plate amp at 3 ohms?

I know they say not to run theie amps at anything less then 4 ohms but I was wondering if anyone has ran them at anything less then 4 ohms, say 3 ohms, without or with problems? Right now I have two DVC 2 ohm subs wired into an 8 ohm load on the amp so the subs are getting around 270 watts each. I have a 3rd sub of the same kind sitting here and if I built a box for it and wired it in I could wire the three to a 3 ohm load, and then the subs would be getting more like 350 watts each or more. Also these subs are rated 350W RMS so it would drive them better then it does now. Anyways, I would just like to hear if anyone has tried this with their 1000W plate amp or even their 500W plate amp. Thanks...
Well, I used a 250W Rythmik Audio amplifier for a Shiva, which is essentially a modded PartsExpress amplifier. The Shiva is rated at 2.9 ohms Re, and in the box there's a low at about 3.65 ohms at 18.5 Hz and 2.95 ohms at around 110 Hz. They said to use drivers with Re higher than 3.0.

If the subwoofer is playing alone with the crossover knob set at 160 Hz, I can shut the amplifier down without going into overexcursion. Overcurrent protection I guess.

Your amplifier probably got that protection too, so I would not be worried by that. Just start with gain low, and climb until the amp don't shut down too much. I guess at 3 ohms your amplifier will be current limited, so don't expect more than 768W RMS output. ( 64V x 16A = 1024W at 4 ohms then 48V x 16A = 768W at 3 ohms )