Anyone else think that this die s a bit small?

Hello everyone,

I recently bought some 2N3773's from Rapid Online. I decided to go with Rapid as I have ordered from them before and had no troubles whatsoever. Also, I did not want to order from the likes of Farnell because of the high delivery costs.

Anyway, I ordered these, knowing full well that they were not ON Semi or ST parts but from C-DIL (Continental Device India Limited). I thought that, having a proper website and these parts on record, I might as well buy them as they were cheaper than the original ON Semi parts.

They arrived in the post and as you would expect, were labelled with `CDIL` and the part number in a rather plain font, as though it was just there for indication purposes (instead of the major companies who sometimes have quite graphical logos and text on devices).

I fitted them into the amp I was repairing, knowing that there was a problem with it but since the devices were so cheap, I wasn't too fussed about blowing them up.

I turned everything on and checked but to cut a long story short, the devices blew up as I thought they would. I tested them with a resistance checker on my multimeter which confirmed that the collector-emitter junction was shorted.

I decided to open them up and look inside and immediately thought that both the die and the bond wires were quite small for a device supposedly rated at 16A/140V. The die was however, bonded well to the case.

I have attached the picture below to show you what I mean. I certainly won't be buying any CDIL parts again.