Anyone Collect Vintage Receivers?

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I really like your site!!!!!!!!

I would LOVE getting some good 70s tuners,wheather they be just AM/FM radio or casette/8 track and radio...... (Or record player/8 track/cassette (Which I saw one but was sadly claimed @ salvation army a few weeks ago or I might have gotton it!))
Dude111, where are you located? I am clearing my shop (I retired), and usually what I do to old receivers is strip them of power transformers, knobs, maybe heat sinks, and toss the rest. They take up a lot of space otherwise. I still have a couple, like an old Pioneer or two, and a MArantz with that horizontal tuning control. (Like the edge or a rubber tired wheel sticking out the front from a slot)

If you are in the Lansing, Michigan area, I'll give you a couple. I am not shipping anything though.

Got some cassette transport assemblies from decks and boom boxes too.

Now and then I need some cathartic activity, and I find stripping down something like an old VCR to the screws is mindless and soothing. Cassette decks fall onto that list for me.
VCRs are my favorite thing to strip, they are so mechanical. I developed a terrific collection of metric screws taking them apart. One time I needed a small common transistor, but didn;t have just what I wanted in my drawers. (And that doesn't happen often, I have a good selection). But I remembered I had just stripped a cassette deck earlier that day, and went to the dumpster and grabbed the board. Sure enough there was a transistor on it that was perfect for the job.

Looks like no free receivers for you, but if there is anyone in my area, offer still stands.
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Hi Jack,
Looks like a nice bench. You're teasing, have a picture of it?

I like your answer for the SX-828. I usually avoid most Pioneer products because the power supplies are often mounted upside down under the main chassis. They cook under there. I imagine you had to rebuild that as well?

Yes, too many sub-parts into a receiver.
I like to have the functioning piece that does performs what it has to do.
One single piece is already a universe on its own. R

Think of a turntable oh my gosh !!!

Ok, so I got *perfect signal* coming out the cables from the cartdridge
I use Pre-Phono to enchance in amplitude and RIAA eq to restore flatness

Then I use preamplifier to select from other source and to boost a little the signal

Probably the Phono Pre has already a buffer output so it can be put straight into a volume pot, and my amplifier has enough sensibility.
At one point, I had about 120 'em, but am now down to these:
My Favorite Receivers.

I'd like to learn how to maintain them and do some DIY cosmetic repair tips.

-- Chris

I had chanced upon your site a couple of weeks back when hunting for info about Vintage Receivers. Great stuff. I don't collect but am looking for a decent sound receiver. Any recommendations ?

I have a Marantz 2330 that's been sonically upgraded. It sounds fantastic. I bought it this way. It also has a new cabinet that looks better than the stock one. And visually its a 9/10. I'd like to sell it.

I also have a Sony STR-2045 that also looks very good. It's not one of the highly desirable receivers but it's built like a tank and sounds good. The wooden cabinet is not as nice as it could be but... I'd say it's an 8/10. I'd like to sell it also.

I'm open to offers.
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