Anyone collect speakers?

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I've gathered an assortment of drivers over the years. Some are unique or "vintage". Like some old Wharfedale dome tweeters. I have a pair of B&W (or was it B&O?) 8" woofers. Also some Philips dome tweeters. Some other smaller bookshelf woofers. Altec maybe.

If anyone likes to get their hands on this sort of thing let me know. I know it's hard to find replacement drivers but there's so many speakers out there it's hard to put a value on any of it.

I'd ebay them but I've been screwed over so many times I'd rather just find someone on the forum with an interest.

Pics if you need them.

Oooooooo, what a topic. I fall into the category of Pak-Rat, extraordinaire. In my stash, there are six W15-FS, two Super 12 RS, two Coaxial 12's, three W10/FSB (bronze speech coils), two Super 8 FS/AL, five Super 3 tweets. All Wharfedales dating to the 50's and all work with exception of a few that need new foam, now in the process. Also, there are three cone & coiul assemblies for the W15FS that I imported from Wharfedale of England in the '72. There are also three Wharfedale crossovers, HS CR3/2 and a pair of alnico 5 inchers. Oh, four Wharfedale purple tweeters. I bought then just cuz they're purple. And two Wharfedale W12RS with ceramic magnets.

There's a University C15HC woofer, a University Diffusicone 8 and a University UL-HC horn tweeter, all dating to the 50's/60's. From the 70's/80's, there's two University midrange horn drivers, 16 ohm.

There's a half dozen or so Japanese 12's, Sansui, Pioneer and the like from the 70's.

Four Electro-Voice T-25 midrange drivers, two EV 1824M midrange horn drivers, two Electro-Voice T350 tweeters (the larger ones; . The smaller was the T-35) There's also replacement diaphragms for the T25's and T-350's and 1824M's.

A pair of JBL 2205's, now in use in a pair of Klipsch type corner horns that dwarf a Klipschorn.

Last, but hardly least, a pair of Jensen midrange horn/driver units, no model number, just labelled as a High Frequency Unit.

There are many newer drivers, mostly woofers that were purchased recently just because their Theile/Small parameters were good for Butterworth loading and they were on sale at a savings of about 25%. Several Focals, tweeters and mids, kevlar & titanium.

Parting with any of these would be like parting with a pet one has had for years.

We don't want to get into reel to reel recorders.
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