Anyone built a new subframe for a Sota Sapphire?

Hey guys
Just wondering if anyone has ever built a new subframe for a Sota Sapphire. Would love to do some upgrading of the original, but Sota wants a good buck, and it does not seem like it would be that terribly difficult to make. Might even have access to a CNC router which would certainly help if I had the right measurements.
Would love to have a new plinth for it too. Mine is the ever so stylish, mid 80's oak.
Would appreciate any info.
Hi there Bigerik. This post is over six years old but I wondered if you ever made one of these for your Sota? I just picked one up that was in rough shape and it too has that 'lovely' golden oak plinth. I'll also add that I didn't expect to see so much MDF when I opened it up. Any place a screw is in it, and has been stressed, the MDF has broken up. I'm surprised Sota used that stuff.
MDF and a lot of lead pretty much does away with many resonances in comparison to hundreds of cheaper made TT,s out there that ring like a telephone.
The MDF is just a platform, the lead dominates any issues that might come up

I am in the process of making a new longer body version with 1/2" 6061 with 3/4" acrylic bolted to it to accommodate a different tonearm.
The problem is and it is significant, you must redesign a new suspension because of the added weight.
You might reconsider modifying something that works well and reviewed positively at the price point unless you feel confident you can do better.