Anyone build one of these yet ?


2001-02-19 10:38 pm
--Anyone build one of these yet ?

I guess not. almost 100 views and no replies.

Anyways, what do you think about the circuit design? It appears
to be similar to just about any other amplifier design except
its' "beefier" than most.. I was toying around with the idea of building one of these beasts, but I wanted to add some
bells and whistles to the design before making a final
circuit board. I wanted a protection circuit with built in relay,
short circuit, temp and clipping each with trigger threshold pots.
What else? Perhaps an op-amp input overload indicator,
24db linkwitz riley electronic crossover using plug in modules
and/or 4 position switch, high pass and low pass configurable.
Of course it should be bridgable.. What would be the best
way to bridge this design?

do I ask for too much ? heh


2001-02-19 10:38 pm
I desire "power" much like car freaks like muscle cars
that go from zero to sixty in 1 second - heheh

I really want to bridge two 1kw's for one mono 2kw..
I've seen many schematics of amplifiers but I seem
to like the way Holton thinks. yeah it's weird.... but
he has a no-nonsense approach.
his designs are verry well layed out and work awsome i had on ly one problem witch was teh resisters were supposse to be on teh bottem but i was not notified of that so that is my only problem but efter a few hours i got a email from him explaining my problem and what i had to do he is a awsome person to talk to and has lots of ideas and REALy knows what he is talking about and how his amps work im buying another board off of him the n-channel so i can match my othere one....