Anyone build a Dynaudio Evidence?

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mine is something like dynaudio...

Evidence clones are something hard to construct... but if you are thinking just about topology, D´Apolito config., one tweeter for plus 8 KHz range, vented compound bass boxes... I did something like it, and still tuning it... they are multiamplified because xover circuit is so complex to perfect... Dynaudio does not do multiamp. Loudspeakers...

If you would like to exchange some aideas... feel free to e-mail me...
My luods are something seems Confidence but other drivers...




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I guess Dynaudio has built a couple of them.

IMO: It's waste of time to think such project.
first: I dont believe drivers used in Evidences are available to DIYers.
second: I dont believe the _very_ complex cabinet an XO structure could be duplicated by any but of very, very few DIYer.

If you like how they sound, go buy them.- TBH: Evidence Temptations has been about the only commercial designs i've listened during last
10 or so years, feeling "I could live with this lodspeaker".

Go build something better, or something you like more instead.
I´ts not my intention to duplicate Dynaudio loudspeaker sound..the only goal to achieve is a combination of drivers in the same way of this device, including the double tweeter in a moulded piece.
In reference with the xover it will be a passive two way network for mid en high drivers...woofers will be guided for a dedicate active filter and power evidence c7 do.
P.D. The sound will be possible worst than the original...or not???????
As I said...

C4 is not a dificult design to approach. I was talking about it.

I already listened for Dynaudios, C4, C2, Confidence5, Contour 3 end Temptaion. Combined to several different electronics.

I do agree with Miksin, if you like the sound, go for it and pay the price. But... for some fun... this is ok. I am really satisfied with the sound... after some "burn in" the 21w54 got better and better... high are sooo delicate, mids are very clear...

You can talk direct to some parts retailer and get the tweeter T330 at least. I am sure it is possible, as I got some of my drivers.

design is well known by this community.

My approach has 21W54, 15W75 and D260. But if I could afford, it would be 20W75, D76AF, T330.

Xover is 1st order, Solen caps, solen perfect lay inductors, caddock T247 packing resistors, known as girator config, phase adjusted. Inside cables are VanDenHull CS122, double wall MDF, HDF front panel, inside damping mat, glass fiber filling, vented configuration, tuned for 42Hz.

from time to time, there is some drivers at eBay... they sell VERY fast...

Technical Reason for the double tweeter aera

until this day I haven't understand the mind and the justify for the double tweeter aera by this series.
In all papers and books, that I know, is to read, that such a step are to avoid under all circumstances cause the still presently inteferences as unwanted effects. Are there any convincing reasons, that justify this design?
Here a listening test URL
Body of Evidence |


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my usage of it...

I am not sure about Dynaudio approach for the dual tweeter, I think I read somewhere one of it is for high frequencies only...

My case is: One D-260 cuts out lows for 1.8KHz and the other starts to sing only at 10KHz and up, 3dB lower. The lambda (wave lenght) of 10 KHz is so small that interference between them is no trouble. But the acoustic effect, giving "air" is remarkable. I experimented with and without it... they stay in, with a Hovland MUSICAP capacitor in series.

There's also a peak of response in the D-260 curve, somewhere 12KHz that appears to resolve using this approach. I never analyzed deep to understand...

My 2 cents...
Dynaudio does not do multiamp. Loudspeakers...



Dynaudio builds an entire range of active, multi-amped speakers. They are branded DynaudioAcoutics and were originally designed by Andy Munro in the UK. He got sacked when TC Group bought Dynaudio and the lovely MC2 amps were replaced by slightly less lovely LabGruppen jobs. At the same time Dynaudio stopped selling drivers for diy and doubled the cost of replacing damaged ones.

Dynaudio Acoustics Home
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