Anyone attending the ‘Zeps’ tonight?


diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2003-01-18 9:50 am
I was a tiny bit too young to live the full Led Zeppelin hype but looking at the ticket sales, they seem not to be forgotten.
As the titles says, and a review would be nice; I don't mind waiting a few days for the fans to recover...:)

Some of the best shows I've ever seen. I saw them four times, the first time I was pretty young for such a show but my parents let me go to a second daytime show that was added at Madison Square Garden. I h think that was 1970. Maybe '71. They were big enough to play the Garden but not yet megastars. The 'matinee' show did not sell out, which is probably the last time they failed to sell out a show. This was between between the II and III albums. They opened with The Immigrant Song. By the end of the show my friend and I had snuck up the front and were actually sitting on the edge of the stage until the section to the right of us collapsed and they kicked us all off. It was pretty amazing. If they tour again I have to go and bring my daughter, who is also a Zep fan and just a bit older than I was when I first saw them.