Anybody have any info on Tonigen Ribbon Tweetes?

Hi All,

I have a pair of Tonigen Ribbon Tweeters, waiting for a project. They are no longer in production, but apparently they were 'tweeters to be recokened with' in their time.

I am unable to find any information, or data sheets on them. Web searches are turning up pretty dry, except for the occasional reference to them implying how good they were.

Thanks, Adrian

ps By the way, who would like the old colour icons back. The current ones look washed out.


2001-09-30 10:36 pm
Sth. Oz

Hi-Fi World used them on at least one design they published in their DIY supplements. They are really nice and highly regarded. Main problem with them is they can't be used below 6kHz, so that restricts them to 3 way systems unless you have a bass/mid unit which comfortably can go that high, but that is pretty rare in so called common Hi-Fi units, although there are one or two that do manage... I have some bits of info but I can't scan it. If you let me have your address I'll photostat the stuff for you and send it.