Anybody familiar with RFT L 2403 ?

As the name of the thread suggests I am looking for information, experiences, links etc related to RFT L 2403, a 5 incher from RFT made in the 80s, low cost unit most likely, and no, that is not an alnico magnet, it's from a TV it's just shielding covered with "more shielding".
Backstory: in the last 10 month or so I was looking for anything vintage I can locate, anything I try and don't like I sell, and most things I ended up selling, including things like Saba Greencone and (not yet sold) Philips 9710, many 17 cm Philips made units, some Telefunkens etc. So the list above it not exactly modest but here is the thing - I am not selling this RFT unit, this one I am keeping, and this one was for free because I detached it with a screwdriver from a TV found in the garbage. This driver was not suppose to be hi fi but I believe it is, there is nothing wrong with the sound, including good highs, and good dispersion in fact if this cone would have been attached to a stronger magnet, higher X max, lower Fs maybe just maybe it would have been a legend. Here are some of the specs (measured with DATS): Fs=135.9 hz, Qts=1.78, Re=7.07 ohms.