Anybody discover a fix for Stiff Surround Syndrome?

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I've read the threads that searching serves up. I was just wondering if anyone had discovered a good solution in the last few years. I have fairly large pile of FE103 variants that have stiff surrounds. Today I just got a pair of Foster FE-163 drivers. These are some really interesting old drivers but the surrounds are definitely not as pliant as they should be. I'm willing to try a few things on FE103 drviers and if anything seems promising I'll try it on the FE-163 pair. Looking for suggestions!!
If the surrounds are doped with a solvent based coating it can be softened and removed with an appropriate solvent. Most older surrounds that are NOT foam were doped with solvent based coatings... I have not done it myself but I am told that cloth surrounds with this sort of coating can be cleaned and rejuvenated with fresh coating.

Whatever you do with solvents, don't breathe them, they are toxic and you can become very ill immediately, and suffer health consequences years and years later.
Photo flo is a surfactant (read Soap :) (water wetter Coolant additive as alternate) Are? there any sources left that still sell DIY Photo developing goops.
NO idea How that would do anything except mess paper cones.
Erm..Use these obviously crappy/remaindered speakers as Field Goal practice pieces
It strikes me that something that was once present in the surrounds is now gone. The question is whether it is simply a matter of replacing that which is gone or if there is an additional need to remove decomposition products. Could be different for different types of surrounds.

I've got enough of the old rat shack 40-1197's that I can afford to experiment. I've listened to the aforementioned Foster FE-163 drivers now and they do sound *nice* but of course don't extend very low. I've spent a few minutes just massaging the surround on one of them with my fingers and it has loosened up a bit. They are cloth impregnated with ?something?. Sooner or later I'll pull out the stuff to get some T/S params so I can monitor any improvements or regressions.
yes it is a surfactant but it's needed to allow the print flattner which is a glycol(read stays moist and pliable for a long,long time)to permeate the cloth/mesh surround.
in the case of continuous paper speakers print flattner or propolyne glycol undiluted applied only to the outer edge is effective.
soaking is not recommended brushing on like a thinned paint coat is
mfaughn it's not gone it's simply dried up!
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