Any vintage phone handset guys here?

Anybody know what kind of bulb vintage phones used? Phone is dated 1990, looks like the ubiquitous rotary desktop phone but is pushbutton. Picture of bulb socket attached.


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Don't think a neon bulb would fit, the plastic bezel is essentially flush with the top of the socket. After Googling it more, I think it is most likely a T-1 3/4" 48V instrument bulb, which are available NOS, but at more than the phone cost me. Not sure there is enough room to rig up an LED resistor diode combination either.
Cut the PCB tracks, use a diode and resistor to jump tracks, feed a chosen LED, many choices are available for color and size.
Fit the LED where the bulb was fitted.
See polarity with a meter, space permitting I use a marker to write polarity on the that it is easier for me when doing repairs.
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