Any tweaking Infinity RS-1B owners around here?


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2002-05-16 12:43 am
As an Infinity RS-1B owner, it would be nice to share technical tweaking ideas or experiences with other owners of the RS-1B or other Infinity types.

Currently my main concerns are:

a. the active low-pass controller which is very sensitive to humm.
The topology and components need a redesign.
I'm exploring the possibility to add a display and remote control for the several adjustments. Furthermore faster op-amps, a proper grounding, which obviously involves the development of a new PCB.

b. the passive high-pass x-over of the mid/high panels.
Way too much capacitors and coils the signal has to pass through.
An electronic x-over (combined with the active low-pass controller)
would be an option. Of course a multichannel mid/high power amp
(5 channels) is mandatory.

Whe're not there yet. These are only brainstorms of course.
Simpeler tweaks are always first priority.

Other ideas anyone?