Any reliable plate or separate subwoofer amplifiere

Are there any budget and reliable subwoofer amps?
Not too expensive. Like Dayton audio or bash from parts express
Seems like amps in subwoofers often run hot and almost every one of them is designed to fail on purpose . Seems manufacturers put more effort in designing an amp that will fail right after warranty runs out. Main goal is to make one that fails a minute after purchase date+ warranty period time frame. That's considered perfect design today

Or another option I was thinking is using a low pass cross over . Basically send line level to a power amp .like 60hz or less signals. And use power amps gain controls to control power. Have few power amps laying around
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2019-10-29 9:53 pm
BKElec seem to have a good reputation, if you are in the UK it may be worth having a look at their offerings, perhaps a:- BSB200
I have one of their Monolith subs, it did eventually develop a clicking noise after being left on for 8 years. I contacted them and they responded within 24 hours with a guide on what to replace to fix it, the part cost me under a quid and took 40 mins to fix following their guide, can't beat that for after sales service.