Any PL news or pictures from CES 2008?


Hi there, Graeme

At CES we ran the SR1 speakers with a couple of stock XVR1's I swiped from Nelson's listening room when he wasn't looking, (Sorry Nelson... was meaning to tell you about that.) while Nelson put the finishing touches on what will be a product specific crossover package back at home.

The new crossover being product specific will absolutely not allow all the iterations possible with the XVR1... it will from the customer viewpoint behave like the control panel of the Rushmore loudspeaker. Meaning there will be enough control to make the system room friendly, but not enough fiddle room to make it product hostile.

Everyone seems to like the XVR1 as it is and it will continue in it's present form.


Well, it's been a fun project. The Rushmore was and is pretty spectacular... but it doesn't play well with others. Oh sure you could change interconnects, but other than that you were pretty much stuck to just listening to music!

With the SR1 we've worked to make an adaptable product that makes the most of whatever you wish to feed it with.

Pics from a friend who was @ CES

:cool: stack! Are they working amps?


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Sam GT

2007-10-23 3:10 am
I had at one time a working stack of Pass Labs amps. It goes as follows starting at the bottom: XA160's, X350.5 , X250.5 . and for the bright bow to finish off the top. Xono phono stage. Sold the Dali MS5
speakers and amps ,loving life with a finely polished sounding pair of
Rushmore speakers with built in power amps. Made in USA by ....
Pass Labs! I right back where I started with a very nice sounding working stack of Pass Lab amps. :clown: Sam :bigeyes: