Any old hippies or rock brains out there?

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I read in a band history yesterday of a 70s monster selling band (clue: they flew) that were formerly part of the "Avocado Mafia".

:drink: :djinn: :smirk:

Googling tells me that the AM were a bunch of LA brat packers updated to the late 60s, hanging out with Linda Ronstadt etc with contemporary tastes
and a whole lotta women.

My question is, who knows * why one earth they were called the Avocado
Mafia* – did they grow it in there gardens to disguise there other green
crops? Regularly enjoy it on toast?

Lester Bangs are you out there?

All I know is that there are avocado groves EVERYWHERE in So California. And it's used (over-used) in almost all the food. So there might be a more prosaic explanation.

True old hippies never listened to the Eagles. We listened to the Dead, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Airplane, Tull, New Riders, Zappa, at least that's what my notes tell me; it's hard to remember some of those shows. The Eagles were for Top 40 nerds.
Yes, real hippies would have used the cover of any Eagles album for another purpose entirely. Give me Pink Floyd any day.

I posed this question on another forum and was told that (supposedly) the Avocado Mafia were the antecedents of Greenpeace, who formed in 1971.
Though I would have thought those young fellahs were more intent on women than saving the planet. I’ve read that they were like what’s nowadays called bogans. Without meaning to detract from the meaning of their music.

On another forum it was suggested that back in the seventies, every clique was called a "mafia". Though not in my home town Sydney.

So to me the myth is unresolved.
rick57 said:
Give me Pink Floyd any day.

I hung out with a bunch of Aussies and South Africans in VW vans all over Europe around 1980 when "The Wall" was banned in the familiar states.
They enjoyed my company and especially my high quality Dutch "blow".
70s all over, thanks to the Pink. Those guys were intent on woman and beer 24/7, i do not recall them ever discussing saving anything.
I enjoyed the benefits of their company and especially the availlibility of their vans. :clown:
It would not surprise me if those guys still drive across Australia in vans with a stack of Pink cassettes or CD's.
Not exactly hippie territory anymore i think, in the early 70s Zappa was in line with Lou Reed, Bowie and Iggy Pop.
A number of years later Bowie and Pop became top 40 scorers, up till then my friends and me were considered odd-balls.

I think i nailed one in hotel California, dont think it was Linda Ronstadt

Glad you had a little fun with my van drivin countrymen.

I did my stint in a Kombi in Europe and North Africa too, but it may have been less Floyd and beer than you were lucky enough to enjoy. Those Moroccan herb salesmen sure are persistent though. I think i nailed one in hotel Casablanca, the locals thought she was Olivia Newton-John.

Yes, real hippies would have used the cover of any Eagles album for another purpose entirely.

SY said:

Those were the days before genetic modification and selective breeding. The key is something lost to the modern world, double-albums. Or so I'm told....

Yes. Gatefolds and a credit card. Clean that weed. Go out and buy that first Rosenthal book. Become a Great Canadian.

Speaking of the debbil.. Someone was just busted with 96,000 plants, in the area..and another with 11,000 outdoorsey types. The 96K were all indoor, 'iffin you can believe that one. Thus are the small operations around these parts.

Friend of mine, helped his dad clean out a apartment that his dad owned.. that had been used for growing. The guy had been busted. The police took everything, of course. He was cleaning the kitchen, and opend a cupboard. Looked in and found.. 10 kilos of gold stamp Black. Quietly closed the cupboard, and helped his dad clean -elsewhere-. Anywhere but the kitchen. And then came back later, on his own.....
wow your guys idea of hippy music is....very unusual

i always think of zappa as for the freaks
floyd for the more psycahdelic of the rock crowd players
and if were talking hippies
grateful dead
velvet underground
jimi hendrix
jefferson airplane
buffalo springfield

you know, that kinda stuff

those are some pretty big grows too!
wow your guys idea of hippy music is....very unusual

maybe for a guy from toronto...I never was a hippie, too politically indoctrinated for that. And I grew up in germany, and spent two years in the german army - training to fight our bros' east.
But zappa, floyd, hendrix, cream, (the dead were a special case), chambers brothers, joplin, the awful iron butterfly, amon duul, jethro tull, etc. etc. and all things psycho-delic were hippy stuff over there.
But hippies were not very common in germany anyway - a minority, the political situation didn't allow for love and peace. You were either very left, left, right or very right...and fought it out in the streets, with the coppers operating the water cannons...
i'd like to fly like an *scccratch*

uh, i'd like ya all to flip your hip membership cards over and notice the part where it says 'we are one'

and then step up to the bar, cause Cakes has got some chips and dip for you.

Avocados look like testicles from the outside. and in the originating language, that is what they are named after.

does that fit into your conception of amorous young people who eclectically indulged in alternative cultures?

now play nice
“Avocados look like test*cles from the outside”

Ah haa - so that’s it!!

Sounds more likely than “the predecessor of Greenpeace or other romantic :angel: benevolent interpretations”.

Those guys partied like it was :devily: 1969!
And from a brief read of an Eagle biography :bigeyes: there were a plenty o pork at the party, if ya know wot I meen!
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