Any new commercial Class-D amps available?


2006-01-20 12:38 pm
I wondered if there is any (cheap) amp that use the Class-D and sounds good. I own a T-amp -with diy PSU- but need some power and channel for home theatre. Well this is not diy, but the 5.1 DSP is far too complex for me. I my country some of the audiophile fanatics like the Panasonic SA-XR series, but as I know it is not the UcD topology. I have heard about a Philips Class-D amp but in this country I dont know how to get, and how does it sounds. So the question is: Is there any commercial not high-end priced home theatre amp that sounds good and use Class-D topology, even better: UcD? The name does not matter: Sanyo, Toshiba, or even NonameCorp welcome.