any love for Danish manufactured Peerless subwoofer drivers?

I'm looking to add subwoofers (2) to my existing, somewhat dated, system. (BEL 2002, Spectral DMC-10, Daybreak 3-way pair) mid to late 80's era stuff.
the Daybreaks house Audax drivers with "poly" cones (1" tweeter, 6" mid, 8" woofer) I haven't settled on whether the crossovers will be passive or active.

the Peerless drivers I'm looking at are NOS 12" 831857 produced in Denmark. I realize this means they're about 15 years old or so and reflect the technology
of the era. (prices are comparable to the Dayton Audio 12" reference units... maybe 10 -15% less) the boxes they'll live in are 4 cubic feet in size.

if anyone here could compare / contrast vintage Peerless with similar but more current offerings I'd be grateful.

I use one of the 315SWR 831857 as a subwoofer. In a 60l box with a DSP Linkwitz Transform, it gives me all the bass I need. I have had it for over 20 years, first in a reflex enclosure of 120l, which was just too big (it likes a big box). I have no desire to compare it to others, and it may not be enough for you, but this is my experience of this speaker. I thought about building a new sub with one of the new(er) XLS speakers, but decided against it. A new box shape to better blend in the room is all I need, so that is what I will do; make it a nice new box.