Any know about Shape Magnetronics?

Jimmy S

2001-02-09 5:58 pm
This unit looks to be a line conditioner or filter. It's fairly large & heavy (~60lbs?). On the front panel is silkscreened "Line Tamer", with 2 110v receptacles, power switch, and power light. The back has a 110V cord coming out, and a mfg's plate that says, Shape Magnetronics, model CLT-2000-AAA, along with some voltage and current ratings for input and output.
Does anyone know anything about this unit? Is it a filter, or conditioner, or both? Would it be useful for audio systems? The only thing is, it has a bit of hum (quite audible) when powered up.
Shape Line Tamer

I have one of these "Line Tamers" too.

Id be greatful if someone knew of a website or distibutor and would pass the information along.

Im wondering what the difference would be between this and say Richard Grey's Power Company equipment.

Im going to use it for my audio and computer circuits in my house. My only question would be that because it has a standard u-plug receptecle on the front of the unit would this indicate using it as close as possible to the appliances? As it is simply a very large transformer and will be likely to hum I want to install it close to my sub-panel in the garage. Does this sound right? Any help is appreicated.


2005-11-28 1:52 pm
new life to an old thread

Bought this at a yard sale yesterday

$5..talked down from $10

Deal of the century? or... an anchor for my rowboat?

I guess I'm asking if this is a line conditioner.


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