Any Interest in SPICE forum?

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Hello all,

I am curious if there is any interest in a fourm devoted to the SPICE simulation of audio.

This would be a good place to post models, circuits and discussions on the strengths/weaknesses of computer simulation.

Of course it would need to cater to the least common denominator of SPICE simulator. There are many simulators that have "fixes" that make the spice decks difficult to run on other spice simulators.

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I think I may have said this elsewhere but in my experience is is always better to lean on the chaotic all-in-one side rather than have multiple ghost town forums all over the shop.

That said, I have had people asking me for several different forums (Mainly Car, TT and Music), and I am happy to oblige in the next minor reshuffle of this place. If they don't work out I can just swing them back into the "Everything Else" pit.

I'll be posting a survey shortly to get your feedback on all kinds of stuff to do with the site, which new forums should exist will definately be one I will be looking forward to reading.
The Spice Forum.

Hi Jason and everyone else,
What happened to the interest in the Spice Forum. This is more important than the building itself. We can do plenty of virtual testing before actually ordering parts.
AND Spice is a very 'spicy' thing with plenty of flavours . One has great difficulty downing different varieties and many seem to choke on unusual versions.
So a Spice Forum would be VERY helpful to a lot of us and many more would probably start using it . It might even generate enough interest in others who could cook up programs to extract various Spice listings from other varieties.
So how come this thread has come to a dead halt.
Is there a shortage of beer ?

I’m in for a Spice forum.

To make life easier the last version of MicroCap (MicroCap7) produces circuit files that include al the models and graphics used in the schematic/simulation. That makes exchanging circuit files through the forum a lot easier. Unfortunately only on Windows based machines. But it is better to discuss this in such a forum.

Maybe a Spice forum by itself is not that applicable. Better is a forum “Computer Simulation” or “CAD Tools” with some subdivisions like Spice, LS simulation, PCB Design etc.

For my job I can’t live without Spice anymore. It speeds up analog design a lot and saves me a lot of smoked parts at the debug stage. :D
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Why don't you guys just start off a Spice thread, and if it takes off we could look at making it into a forum;)

We don't really want to have loads of empty forums, so unless we see that a major interest is around for a topic, leading to lots of posts, we tend to prefer the cross pollenisation that goes on in the current forums.
Re: Clarification

Pedja said:
I mean it will be desperately lost in Everything Else.


Good point Pedja. In the past we saw questions concerning Spice, LS simulation, Software for soundcard based measurements and electronic CAD scattered over many forums and some got quickly lost. Many of these questions were more or less the same questions.

What about a new forum under “Other Stuff” named “CAD” with a sub title “Anything about Computer Assisted Design”?

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.