Any Infinity SM owners?

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I still have some Infinity speakers for my HT that I got in the late 90s. I've held on to them because of their insane sensitivity 100db 1W 1M for SM 115s, and because I just don't want to spend tons of money on new HT speakers. The rocker style speakers truly give a nice HT sound.

Anyway, I always thought they sounded a tad bright and lacking a little in bass. I cracked them open tonight for the first time to see what the deal was. I was expecting to find a lousy cheap crossover. Nope, far from it. The box was nice and thick and it had a little side bracing too.

The problem is a empty box. No materials what so ever. It's all open. I'm going to carefully remove the woofer (it's glued shut) and put some carpet padding behind it and some polly fill.

Results and photo's will come later.

I wanted to know if anyone else has any SM series speakers. I have SM 115s up front, SM video for center, and I think 85s for the rear and if anyone has made any improvements to them. If so, what was done.

I want to improve what I have because hardly anyone makes loud speakers anymore, but I'm also cheap. I rather fill my audiophile needs for just plain old stereo stuff in the living room.

I have a pair of SM152s I got from the 'Bay a year or so ago.
Paid about $150 IIRC.
I like 'em a lot, especially for Rock or Funk, but I wouldn't
describe them as really accurate. I've got other speaks
swapped in for my mains now.

My thoughts:
Box treatment - the front and back panels give a nice boom
with a nuckel rap. Probably best to use some 1" dowels cut to
fit front to back and glued in with Titebond.
(Don't use Liquid Nails or Silicone adhesives because they will
rot out the woofer surround).
Line with walls with 3" fiberglass (no facing)

Haven't popped the woofers to look at the crossover yet.
Do you have any pictures of yours?

I kind of got busy tonight putting some spare materials in place. Just some carpet padding behind the woofer with some teased unpacked polly fill. I used some foam to keep polly fill away from the ports.

I didn't take any pics yet, but I can. The crossover on mine is actually with the adjustable tweeter.

Do you have a adjustable tweeter and mid?

Overall, I was happy with the results. The work didn't change the speaker or anything, but bass is a tad deeper and cleaner.
The 152s have a mid adjustment too. You might want to try turning the mid down.

Something must be wrong with your tweeters because you are the only person who has wanted more out of them. :D

Most people think they are too bright and lacking in bass. 152's sensitivity is 102dB (1 watt/1 meter). It's like PA specs, but for home audio. I just can't get rid of them.

The tweeter is $48 from infinity. You might want to try 2nd hand stores, or just get some more used SM stuff real cheap for spare parts. My 5 speakers seem to all share the same tweeter. I think it's used in all the SM stuff.

From looking at the way mine are built, I think it would take a lot to damage them. They might not be the best sounding in the world, but they are some good quality loud speakers from a dead era.
Thought I'd resurrect this old thread since I just picked up a pair of SM-85s. They're in reasonable shape except for some small tears in the foam surrounds of the woofers. You're right about these being bright sounding speakers. Bought these thinking I'd be able to try out some full range 8" speakers in them, but unfortunately the cutout is too small for those, so I'd have to enlarge the hole to try those, so I'll probably just use them as is. Trying to decide about modding them vs. moving them to the next owner. They're pretty nice for the $65 I paid.
Quick update and question. I repaired the worst parts of the surround tears with a little glue and plan sometime to replace the surrounds completely. I'm hoping to get a bit more mids and upper bass after that, but I'm not too hopeful as one surround appears pretty completely sealed and doesn't sound different from the other that still has a small hole. I had considered adding a little bracing, but decided that as these are pretty small and the walls fairly thick to just add some Acoustistuff fill. I put in enough to loosely fill about 1/4 of the cabs, primarily behind the woofers. I think they sound better, not as much "echo" to the sound. Still really treble heavy.
Here's the question - anybody got a crossover schematic for the SM-85? I'm considering padding down the tweeters slightly, as they're just too hot.
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