Any ideas for very tall/slender, wall-mountable 2-ways for desktop use?

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Hey folks,

Having trouble locating any existing designs for this kind of setup. I will have very limited space on my computer desktop and would like to wall-mount a pair of speakers along with my LCD. Maximum dimensions would fall somewhere along the lines of 6"x6"x18" (WxDxH). I do have room for a small sub, if that helps.

Unfortunately, I know more about how to woodwork than I do speaker design, so I was hoping to find some existing plans that I could tweak a bit to suit my needs. Alas, after much searching I've come up empty handed. Any ideas, other than more searching? :)

Thanks for the response! I've been checking that one out along with a few other Zaph designs, but as I've got more room to work with in all directions, I'm hung up on the fact that I might have better woofer options in the 4"+ range.

Not that I'm comparing Klipsch to Zaph, but I've noticed that Klipsch have a design with dual 4" woofers in a similar sized enclosure (5.75"x4.5"x24") with the RVX-42.
link: (perhaps it's misguided of me to be seduced by such a speaker).

My PC is primarily used for gaming/music, FWIW. And while I'm not an audiophile by any terms, my ears are certainly starting to develop. On the plus side, I've always got a stockpile of MDF and I'm always willing to experiment.

Thanks for being gentle!
I've got plenty of MDF, all the tools, and enough paint to last me a while... so technically it'll just cost me for the drivers and x-over :)

And this way they'll be to my spec and hopefully excessive for my needs (which is one of the reasons I choose to DIY; everything I want and more for the same cost or less).

Thanks for the input though :)

Horrible things happen when you place a 6"x 6" speaker close to a
wall, less deep and wider is better, angled baffle even better (one
reason for Zaphs angled approach). Not many hi-fi designs for this
purpose either.

For nearfield and wall mounting i'd go for Zaphs ZBM4, less deep
but taller with the reduced BSC crossover values options, they
should be more than adequate for a desktop environment.
20W class D amplifier ?

More juice ? AV amplifier set to small and add a subwoofer.

How bout lil Pio?

Hi Mike -

I'm a fan of the little Pio 4" (A11) and the little Dayton Neo tweets. Put 2 of those in a cab of your dimensions with small horn design with terminus at each end.

$30 per side, only need a resistor, bang for the buck.

All at P.E. . Don't know that it would beat that Carver deal, that's a bargain. I'd bet it would go lower.

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