Any ideas for a good replacement 25mm dome tweeter

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The cheapest option without any measuring equipment or XO design skills is to replace the tweeter like for like. contact EPOS or keep an eye out on ebay or similar for a K3 for sale.

The cabinets look proprietary / custom - so I am assuming you don't want to modify to fit another tweeter that has different faceplate dimensions.

The tweeter was probably used in other models too - so check those out. A visual might be all you need to sight which models.

Without knowing the model number, and whether a EPOS made it, or had it made to order (OEM) or "off the shelf" - we don't know what we are targeting re impedance and FR curve for a potential replacement.

It all depends on how much effort you're willing to go to.
If we are talking Epos K3 floorstanding speakers then the tweeter is described as a '25mm silk dome tweeter with short horn faceplate'.

If you have removed the tweeter, could you supply photographs, front and rear, which may identify the tweeter?
Take it out and have a look what's underneath. Could be a normal tweeter with that horn-like faceplate added on top.


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Have found this interior shot of the Epos K3. Your tweeter looks like the original, but apparently has been resoldered while replacing the tweeter wiring.

Can you confirm if that is the case?


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Thanks youngie. Could the tweeter have been damaged while soldering that unnecessarily heavy solid core wire to it?

Try unsoldering the tweeter and testing it via a 2.2uF capacitor (e.g. from the headphone output of a mono transistor radio).

Alternatively, swap the 'faulty' tweeter with the working one to see what happens.

Whatever the outcome, I would get rid of that heavy solid core wire - it won't make an audible difference over the original Epos wiring!
Thanks mate what is considered a good replacement for outstanding sound
The only replacement tweeter you can use without having to entirely redesign the crossover network and having to modify the enclosure aperture would be a direct Epos replacement.

Phone and email details for Epos support are here:

You would need the facilities and experience to design a crossover network for a different tweeter and would have to know the T/S parameters of the other drivers.
Thanks again galu when you say I would need to modify the xover at the moment the tweeter is using 3.3uf. I would really like to replace the original tweeters with a higher priced one. The reason I ask is because my mate changed his tweeter not to modified in anyway but the overall sound he was getting was outstanding. And I am very curious to why this would be many thanks
I have located your earlier thread regarding the Epos K3 crossover, to which I contributed.

Can some one please draw a me a xover

I attach the crossover circuit that you supplied in that earlier thread which, indeed, shows that the tweeter is fed via a 3.3uF capacitor.

If you think it will produce a superior result simply by slotting in a more expensive tweeter then it would help me to suggest a replacement if you tell me the following:

(a) How much does a replacement Epos tweeter cost?
(b) What is the maximum you wish to pay for a higher priced tweeter?
(c) What is the diameter of the face plate of the Epos tweeter (you will have to remove it from the enclosure to measure this).
(d) Are you prepared to alter the size of the mounting aperture in the enclosure to accommodate a different sized tweeter if found necessary?


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Thanks galu I am very interested in swapping the tweeters around and modifying the crossovers. Just to hear my mates speakers now are amazing very clear and the separation is next to none. I don’t know how much the original tweeters are. But I just want too see how much I can improve the overall sound off the original tweeters cheers again galu
That's fine Lee, I understand what your goal is.

However, in the absence of answers to my questions I can't see how I can help you achieve it.

It reads like you simply want someone to throw the name of a tweeter at you, and I'm afraid it's not that simple.
Sorry galu I am willing to modify the crossovers and if need be but hopefully not modify the speaker box. I wound definitely need help with suggestions on the best way to go around modifying the crossovers with great tweeters replacement. Sorry if my last message came across like I wanted to just replace tweeters. Without any other work. I know I would need to do some work. To get great results thanks galu
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