Any generous people doing a DigiKey order soon?


Happy new year all.

I made a small error when ordering parts for my Mini-A smd boards (i used some one elses parts list and didnt check it well enough). :rolleyes:

Anyway I accidently ordered 392k smd resistors instead of 392R smds.

I looked at digikey and other places and its going to cost £19 (approx $37) for 10 resistors with a value of less than $2 shipped to the UK.

I was kinda thinking that if someone was allready doing a Digikey order then maybe if its not too much trouble they could include 10 of the resistors that i need in their order and then ship them on to me in in the mail. Should cost a lot less than the £12 shipping that digi key want to charge!!

I can reimburse via paypal.

The part number is P392AACT-ND 392 ohm 1210 SMD.

Thanks to anyone that can help.