Any European Source fos VISHAY/DALE Resistors?

I bought mines at They are from SH type (industrial grade) and cost €3.74 a piece.

Try UK flag if your country does not sell online, like mine. You cannot buy from the site but can order later by phone or fax. just take the # numbers.

Farnell work very good ( at least in Portugal). You order today and recieve tomorow and even can track your order via UPS.

6Euro for an RN55?!!!

Thanks alot for taking the time to answer.
I already know these sources but i consider their pricing at a bit crazy for a common resistor as a RN55, as their normal price at least in US is about 0.1Euro! Why should Europeans pay 60 times more for a standard industry common resistor?

I will probably have to go the hard way and order through SURPLUS SALE OF NEBRASKA where they charge 0.1$ each even for the 0.1% tolerance!

Thanks again