Any DIY interest in this facted baffle that fits PE 0.5cF kit cabinets?

I am about to CNC cut this faceted baffle for a new Bamberg product. I am considering releasing some to the DIY community.

This baffle will fit onto the Parts Express 0.5cF cabinet p/n 302-72x.

As you may or may not know, the facets smooth the tweeter's SPL response by moving the diffraction frequency(s) up higher, as well as present a less-than-90° boundary change to the baffle surface. Subjectively, this helps the speaker to "disappear".

Currently the driver cutouts are for the typical 104mm x 5mm tweeter flange (e.g. Vifa's), and 180mm x 5mm woofer flange.
However, I could also have them cut blank so that you could route circles for your own choice of drivers.

Comments, suggestions, requests?

I started a sign-up list, so please email me.


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