Any chance that anyone has a schematics of Tandberg 3009A Power Amp???


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2001-02-25 7:10 pm
Northern Iliinois

your response was strange to me until i reread my response and see that it can be interpreted in a different way than what i meant.

what i meant was: you should contact Tandberg and ask for one. i used to have a manual for this amp long ago and that is how i got it then.

mlloyd1 said:
this is the amp that used the Hitachi Lateral MOSFETs on the output and the fancy output stage error correction circuitry, right?

sorry, i don't have my service manual for this amp anymore, but I just wrote to Tandberg and asked for one. they sent it to me right away.

This way, I am expressing deep respect and gratefulness to Mr. Tor Tiller from Oslo, Norway , for helping me with original schematics and instructions regarding TANDBERG 3009A amplifier. Tor was kind and willing to make copy of relevant pages of the service manual and post that to me, without even mentioning his costs and efforts. From today's average prospective... unusual, rare personality possessing some of today, almost forgotten values and virtues!

Thank you again Tor !!!