Any australian who has imported a large and heavy driver from the USA?

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Any australian who has imported a large and heavy driver from the USA?

For a 19kg 15" driver do you have any idea what will the shipping cost will be when using a cheap, VERY reliable but slow form of shipping?(for me time is not a large long as the driver reaches my doorsteps in new condition)

How much does customs charge you when you imported the driver?

Is GST is charged on the price of the driver, or is it charged on the total price of driver+shipping?

Any other charges you encountered when your driver was imported?
I Imported 6 Pioneer full range 4" (about 3 1/2 kg total) drivers from the US via surface parcel post last year, no problems, took 2 1/2 months to get here though.

Previously Imported 8 2" full ranges from England, via airmail, also no problems, took 8 day If I remember right.

I think that if the declared price is over 400 dollars, GST will have to be paid, but you should check Customs these things change.
The Postage is not taxed.

<a href="">USPS International Calculator</a> say for 42 lbs (19kg) to Australia

<table width="95%" border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2">
<tr><td >Global Express Mail (EMS)</td>
<td >2 - 3 Days</td>
<td >$191.40</td>
<td >Max. length 36", max. length plus girth 79"</td></tr>
<tr><td >Airmail Parcel Post</td>
<td >4 - 7 Days</td>
<td >$176.90</td>
<td >Max. length 42", max. length plus girth 79"</td></tr>
<tr><td >Economy (Surface) Parcel Post</td>
<td >4 - 6 Weeks</td>
<td >$69.70</td>
<td >Max. length 42", max. length plus girth 79"</td></tr></table>

Hi Pkgum,

I can't speak for Oz, as you have only just got GST, but I have imported several times from both the Uk and the US (each import well exceeding au$400) into NZ, and neither GST nor customs duty has ever been charged as the stock is defined as 'electronic spares'.
Bottom line, I think it depends on whether the Customs guys decide to look at your individual parcel. Who knows, you might get lucky! No worries mate!!

Cheers, Adrian

PS, can you still buy PK gum??
Well, I'm not from au, but when ever I order something from the states to here in canada and it's expensive I get raped by the duties. Other times, no extra charges. I agree with kiwi_abroad, it all depends on the customs guys, if they're hungover and half asleep that day then you'll get lucky, but if his wife just left him the day before and ran away with his brother, you'll be paying some hefty charges...
Size limitation was the problem for me

I've not shipped any drivers from the USA to Australia but I have sent a couple antique radios. In both cases I bumped into the size limitation and had to jump through hoops to get under the limit (such as taking one unit apart and sending it as two pieces). So, the issue for me wasn't speed or having the material show up in good shape - it was getting the USPS to accept it for shipment at all.

I'm not sure why the dimension limits are so restrictive. It's certainly not that way for, say, USA to Germany or vice versa.

VAM shipping costs that hefty? the cheapest one is $140AU!!!

I was only anticipating something like $40 - 80AU

anyway, anyone give me an idea how much customs duties will be normally (when the guy isn't in a bad mood but isn't asleep either)?

p.s PK gum is still available here in Aust
If you get it sent thru the postal service then customs charges will be less than 10% and possibly even $0 and you may or may not have to pay GST which is on the total cost .... including postage, insurance and any customs charges.

Postage is a killer and if you get away for under $150 consider yourself lucky.
mate, bad news for you, getting gear from the US is virtually out of the question unless you have ppl in the US u can get it shipped to, who happen to come back to oz frequently (thats my current situation, i pay no gst, duties etc, or shipping costs). If you cant get a setup like this, try and get a driver in oz (dont bother, its impossible, the only available brand is PEERLess). Good luck finding any cheap and quick way of getting kit,and if u find an aussie company importing gear plz tell me.
whoa...bad news for me

why is it "virtually out of the question" for me to import a Blueprint 1503 to Australia?

Why is virtually everything in the US???!!!!!Australia has nothing compared to US and US seems to have everything. Not once have I seen a driver without a distributor in the US.
pretty defeatest attitude, ah well. Anyways, u seem pretty into this audio stuff, can u tell me which driver would go best with my 150 watt sub amp, the brands available to me are audax, P. Audio, JBL, SONY, Peerless, among whatever else can be bought in aus, id prefer a decent Fs, 20-30, and around $200 AUD.
I'm looking for an extreme excursion driver (driver with more than 20mm Xmax ONE way)
The BP is the cheapest extreme excursion driver you can expect to get anywhere. For all other brands of extreme excursion drivers you expect to pay $300 AU or more. None of these Blueprints are available here in Australia. I don't think there is a extreme excursion driver in Australia anyway.
That is why I have to force myself to reluctantly import it from the US. An additional $170 AU on the raw price of the driver ($430AU) seems horrifyingly shocking...but what else can I do??

In answer to your question....Audax subwoofers---I haven't seen anyone use a audax driver on their sub--audax is only renowned for their mid bass-mid-tweeters

JBL? ---I don't buy things from JBL

SONY?---DON'T buy subwoofer drivers from sony

polk audio?---I don't know about this mfgr...this company is not famous for its raw drivers anyway and no one I see uses their drivers

I guess the Peerless is the only way to go..I prefer their XLS series..but that might be a tad too expensive

Maybe Vifa woofers can suit you...

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