Any appliance repair techs out there?


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2007-11-04 6:39 am
Hudsonville, MI
I have a GE microwave oven that blew the internal fuse. This happened during the time this house was having crazy electrical problems (the local electrical provider ended up running new service to the house to resolve the issue), but that’s a story for another day. Anyway, I located the OEM part number and did some searching. Turns out it’s a $40 fuse. I went to Garitts Appliance (local sales/service) and they sold me a ceramic 250V 20A fuse for $5. They said their service techs would use this part. Other than the fact that the OEM part has GE stamped on it, could there be a major difference between the two (OEM vs the one Garrits sold me)?j
GE has become a GREEDY idiotic brand name anymore.
And they need to be OUTED for it.

A little story:
A few years ago, my next door neighbor's GE Monogram dishwasher stopped working.
This was their premier model, new, costing $2200 in 2002.
The circuit board was the culprit, I did a troubelshooting of it to confirm.
This board, about 4 inches by 9 inches, contained the relays, processor, power supply.
That's all... nothing special.
A call to GE cust service - their quote for a replacement was...... are ya ready?........
$540!......for a lousy little circuit board!

I asked the woman on the phone, why so EXPENSIVE?
I stated that there were no DIAMONDS, GOLD PLATING, or anything on that board that was worth that kind of money.
At best, it held maybe $40 worth of parts.
She put me on hold.....
When she came back, she gave me a price of $155.
The board was ordered, I installed it, my neighbor was happy.

You gotta put these greedy suckers in their place!