Anxious to get started

Hello all,

Been lurking for awhile, joined, lurked some more and finally decided to introduce myself. I really must begin by telling you all how very impressed with the varied forums and BROAD knowledge base that the site enjoys. there are not enough hours in a day to exhaust yourself with what's here.

I hope to be able to contribute to what is truly a world community. Some background on me...

I am a former musician and vocalist from my first run at college. Spent almost 12 years in Navy submarines as a nuclear mechanic. Received my BS in Nuclear Engineering/Engineering Physics before leaving the military. Audio enthusiast from birth, but limited in my electronics know-how. I can tell my MOSFETs from my SCRs and can solder passibly well. Welding, heat transfer, nuclear physics, general mechanical theory, and older trucks occupy most of my idle thoughts.

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, but currently live in NJ, much to my dismay.

Looking to get started on a few reasonable projects to build my skills. I will be asking for advice before too long...

Thank you for the opportunity to learn from your experience. I look forward to talking with you soon.

Thanks Cal,

You sure have the location right... B.C. is fantastic. We had the family out to Washington for a couple weeks and wanted to come up to see the sights and enjoy the hospitality of you wonderful BC-ers. Alas, who travels with birth certificates... I guess passports are going to be required soon. Had to "settle" for a picnic in the San Juans instead.


Thank you for your welcome.

I agree, a more transparent border would be a great asset. Particularly if U.S. residents would travel freely - with their eyes open. You are near to my one true Aquarian nerve. Why do "Americans" almost universally assume that if things are not like the U.S., they must be inferior?

Yes, I know I'm making a gross generalization ("generalisation" for those of you speaking the Queen's English). Goodness knows I don't need to start offending people before my first topic post, but really!

On a lighter note, had I been able to find employ in B.C., I'd be your neighbor now. I told a friend of mine who happens to be a staunch Republican, that if the current administration found it's way to a second term, that I would no longer serve in the military and would do my best to seek a job outside the U.S. Needless to say, Canada has no great pool of openings for Nuclear Engineers. Particularly B.C. As they say in Quebec, "c'est la vie", but one out of the two came to pass.

AtomicDog said:
Needless to say, Canada has no great pool of openings for Nuclear Engineers. Particularly B.C.

Yea... you'd either have to be in research or working in Ontario.... the world does need to have many more modern cost-effective nuclear reactors. So much safer then almost any other kind of power generation (particularily fossil fueled plants)


I agree, but I should qualify my statement by stating that the newer reactor designs are much simpler. This gives them a tremendous advantage. I'm not saying that the older plants are less safe, only that the more modern designs are much more user-friendly, therefore less sensitive to human error.

The biggest safety gain would come from waste storage improvements. Of this, there is no question. This should be the rallying cry of the nuclear opponents. The benefits of nuclear power are real. So too, are the hazards of irresponsible waste handling and storage/disposal.

The bottom line is this - consumers need to educate themselves on ways to reduce consumption where those gains are easily realized. This would secure the future of class A amplification, which is what we all really want to see. Yes? :)