• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

Antique Electric Supply

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Just wanted to mention that I'm extremely happy w/ my service from AES. They list on their site that they will charge a handling fee for orders under $50 or so, and when I calculated shipping, it looked like it would take a week to get here.
They got my order boxed up and shipped the same day I ordered it, and didn't charge the handling fee, and it got here in 2 days vs the 7 that the shipping calculator said it would take.

I don't want everyone to think they wont get charged the handling fee, because it is their policy. Personally, if it were my business, that would be one of those things where if I'm busy or lazy I'd probably tack the fee onto the total :).

Anyway. very happy w/ the service, and the product was perfect.
Agree, good operation to deal with, no hassles and prompt shipping to NZ too.
Recommended, and yes, some of their sale deals on TV sweep tubes have been all good - hence my p-p 6AV5 amp, 6AV5s aren't usually found in the wild down here, all the B&W stuff used EL504/PL504 or 6CM5/EL36 mostly, or the occasional 6DQ6 for sweep duty.
Hmmm. I've had mixed results. I've been given price quotes by one person only to have them rejected by someone else (they had 13 of a tube type, 12 of which were one brand. I asked for the 12 that were of the same type, and the second person wanted to add $1 per tube on a $2 tube for custom picks -- I ended up just ordering all 13 and paying the extra $2). I ordered a bunch of tubes and told them I needed pairs by brand, and they sent a bunch of singles, I've received a fair number of dead tubes that had to be sent back (while they did accept them, lots of the other dealers test first), and I once forgot to add a single socket to an order. I called them, and they said that while it was too late to add it to the order, they'd put it in an envelope, just charge the actual shipping, and not charge the handling fee. Now, they didn't need to make this offer, but they did, so when I ended up paying about $8 for a $0.45 socket, I was not thrilled. Now, I have had plenty of good experiences from them, too, but a few times it was something less than the accolades given by others above.
Amazing service !!!

At least for me , AES is the most reliable source of electronic
stuff , out of BRAZIL .

Happened with me ;
I bought tubes , and among them , 5AR4/GZ34 , when the order
arrived in , one of them was defective . I wrote an e-mail
to the owner ( Steve ) and he did send to me a new one.

Congratulations to AES .

I once had a 12ax7 I bought from them that had a broken mica spacer rattling around. I called them and they sent me a new tube- no questions asked! The tube is still good , but not for what I needed it ( V1 stage of 4 gain stage guitar amp- too much microphonics.)

I have bought over $1,500 from them- they are absolutly wonderful!

I actually got a christmas present from them this year... a neat little ST style tube keyfob and an AES terry cloth. Talk about service! :D
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