Anthem STR Pre-amp Vs. Mcintosh C47/C49


2019-11-09 2:51 am
I have placed orders on the NAD M22 V2 and Pass Labs XA25. I am thinking of what amplifier should I pair them with. Anthem STR Pre-amp and Mcintosh C47/C49 are in my current shortlist. Anthem STR Pre-amp got very good measurements (Anthem STR Measurements & Conclusion | Audioholics). McIntosh C47/C49 I couldn't find third-party measurements but I assume it would be good enough to be used as a pre-amp. Both are fully equipped with most digital as well as analog stuff and price would in the same range.
Most of you here are DIYers and have knowledge about the specs and measurements stuff. I want to ask which one would be the better one for my NAD M22 V2 and PL XA25 in term of technical stuff? or do you have any other options which could drive any power amp without issue? (impedance mismatch, etc).
Thank you.