Another victim of Nuuk


Just thought I would let you know of another convert to chipamp ways. A mate has ordered an Audiosector LM3875 kit after listening to my jobbie for a while. He now wants one for himself.
If you were into the network/MLM marketing lark you would be a winner, second generation converts.

I first saw the term gainclone whilst idly mooching through cyderspace and straying into Decibel Dungeon. After Googling the word, asking you some really dumbass questions (for which I apologise again) and a bit of reading about them, I eventually had a go at one myself.

It was the most ambitious project I had taken on, but with the help of the good folks on this forum nothing blew up and its played at least 12 hours a day ever since, and sounds way better than anything I've owned before.

Ive just ordered 8 diodes from Farnell for a playstation power supply, they have a 20 quid minimum order for card payments so I've got 2 LM3875s sat here to try a point to point one this time. Look what you've done!

If it was wealth that I was after John, I would set up GA - 'Gaincloners Annoymous' :D

I won't apologise for getting anybody hooked on the old chip amps although I must have at least one or two girlfriends/wives who would like to do something nasty to me if they could!

Seriously though, I'm glad you are happy and hope your friend is too. Apart from the enjoyment a GC brings to listening, the whole GC community thing is very enjoyable too, even if we do have to answer some dumbass questions ocasionally! :)
It's an effort I for one am glad you made. A few old bike injuries have come back to bite me in the a*se so I'm having a time rich, cash poor period.

I was at a pretty low ebb when I found your site and this forum, but chipamping has helped save what passes for my sanity. Something interesting that helps to keep the brain working and sounds good at the end of it. What's not to like?

Also thanks must go to Vikash for selling me the parts I needed and for his ported speaker design that I'm listening to a modded playstation through right now (Dreadzone) so thanks to MickF as well.

Oscar speech over
A pity you moved then Trip. I could do with a local hi-fi buddy. Sometimes a second pair of ears can be very useful in this game.

John, I got into this game mainly due to chronic ill-health and agree with you, it can be very theraputic. I'm actually glad that I wasn't waged when the hi-fi bug hit me again, or goodness knows how much I may have spent by now buying new stuff. DIY is far more fun, and I reckon more likely to provide us with a system that we really like. :)


2008-03-10 1:31 am
I have a dilemma, but of a different sort. I have a 3886 kit, soldering iron is hot, components in hand but I cannot reach the site for the manual!

I have the PS built, all I need are the values for some resistors - can anyone help me?
r1, r2, r3, rm, rf, rz

and do you solder r3 into the outside hole to utilize the feedback cap?


2008-02-26 12:28 pm
Puffin said:
"DIY is far more fun, and I reckon more likely to provide us with a system that we really like"

Here Here, I was Nuuked as well !!

Tripmaster, I am very busy at the moment but if you PM me with some details about yourself, perhaps we can get together.

Hi Puffin

If you remove the restriction to your email address I will send some info.