Another Use for Laser Level

Speakerbuilders, I found another use for my Laser Level, as well as a place to store it away from sawdust. Mounted to ceiling above my tablesaw with it's quick release bracket, it projects red line onto the cut line of the saw. Reminds me to be careful.


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Of lasers and sawguards


I commend your home shop safety awareness initiative.. although I suggest that a good quality after-market saw guard system is a far better preventative measure..

I have personal knowledge of 17 table saw amputation injuries on unguarded table saws-all experienced operators... Interestingly, I have never seen one where the saw is properly guarded...

Do It Yourself, but PLEASE, do it safely :>)


I never allow my hands to be near moving cutters or moving machinery of any kind, ever. Heck, my wedding ring is around 5/64" thick, if I get that close to something I'm in trouble :bawling:
My approach toward the table saw (or any tool with alot of kinetic energy and injury potential) is to handle it like a firearm.
Learn how to operate it correctly, and follow correct handling procedures consistently. Never hurry. Always think before you do.
Learn about what not to do from books, not from personal experience.

Are you afraid?
Not nearly afraid enough.