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Thime time from Amazon. I bought this SMAKN amplifier this weekend. I have to say, for $13 shipped to my door in 2 days, I am impressed. Sound is classic TPA3118. What I really like are the various jumpers on the back side to change certain features. I know that there are at least jumpers to bypass the switch built in to the pot, and to bypass each channel of the pot and control volume with the source. It also has an unpopulated spot built in for a 7805 5V regulator which could be useful.

Unfortunately I only know what about half of them do since I cannot read Chinese. Maybe one of you will know. SMAKN® TPA3118 numeric 12V power amplifier board finished board /with switch potentiometer /Parallel Mono: Musical Instruments


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this may help: found this bit of text on amazon's review system:

As shipped, the board operates in 2 channel BTL (bridge tied load). The board supports the TPA3116's PBTL (parallel bridge tied load) by reconfiguring jumpers S1-S6. These are solder-bridge jumpers marked on the bottom of the board. Some soldering skills are necessary.
On the bottom of the board is a chart, written in Chinese. The top line (stereo 2X BTL mode) shows a checkmark on S1 and X on S2-S6, checkmark for soldered jumper, X for open. The bottom line shows the setup for mono PBTL mode (S1 open, S2-S6 closed).
To do the conversion open S1 by wicking the solder off. Put a blob of solder on S2-S6 to short them. The mono speaker connection is also shown in the board legends. Connect mono speaker + to left channel -. Connect mono speaker - to right channel +.
In the mono mode, drive both audio inputs for the best volume. One gain jumper is available on the board. Default is 32db, short the jumper to reduce gain to 26db.
The TDA3116 datasheet and TDA3116 Evaluation Board User's Manual (both available at can be consulted for more info and a typical schematic. According to TI, 100W requires 24V with 8 amp capacity into 4ohms. The overcurrent trip point is set at by the chip at 7.5A. The output power limit is disabled (PLIMIT pin 6 connected to pin 7 GVDD).
I converted mine after buzzing out the circuit vs. TI's documentation and it seems to work fine. YMMV see less
By John In TX on February 28, 2015

it applies to this unit, but its very similar:®-TPA3116-Amplifier-Board-Class/dp/B00KCEHS54

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