Another Plasma thread

They've been discussed before (and I've read the other threads), but these are some really nice pictures of the insides of the Ion tweeter in Acapella audio's violin 1 (the ad will probably be gone in a few days) and might be of some general interest. So if anyone here knows enough, and can tell enough from the pictures, to make some comments about what's been done good, bad, or different from an engineering/diy standpoint-- I'm all ears.

From what I gather the Plasma performance can be OK to I don't know how good. I've been through a half dozen books on electroacoustic design but still don't know if the plasma is something to get excited about or abandoned. Its certainly one of the few high-end speakers on the commercial market I wonder if I should be envious of. is the manufacturer's homepage.


2002-08-11 4:42 pm
think this concept is the best one can make within WAF bounderies.
For better dynamics in lower range look at same manufacturer's bigger models.
In between solution could be replacing the direct radiating low units by a klipsch bass-horn (despite colouration better dynamics and better WAF than straight horn design).

Would be delighted to hear these units.
Even if the have a few tenth, perhaps even full digit more distortion figures than direct radiating systems, this should sound nearer to 'life musik'.

?Can it reproduce a square wave?