Another one killed by a phone?

Tons of red flags ... and not because it supposedly happened in a former Soviet Republic.

1) published in The Sun.
That alone disqualifies almost any piece of News.

2) they had to bring this from .... Kazakhstan ???
Shades of Borat and about as accurate.

3) fourteen year old?


make it 24 (or 34) and it will fit better.

Not saying this fish is old but it definitely stinks.

Of course it fits like a glove the "Smartphones give you cancer" crowd ideas, so no surprise it´s copypasted to death without verification.
Just sayin´
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Yes, but doing their very best to make certain that as little of the radiation as possible is absorbed in healthy tissue and as much as possible in the cancer.

In any case, lithium batteries with malfunctioning chargers and malfunctioning or nonexistent protection circuits are definitely dangerous. An acquaintance of mine had to leave his house for a while after an electric bike in a neighbouring bicycle shop caught fire due to a malfunctioning charger.
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