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Finally registered with I've been looking off and on for two+ years. Interested in audio since I was in grade school. Like to experiment with electronics also. Interested in building all types of amplification; tubes, discreet, op-amp. Also planning on some speakers builds. Mostly collecting more equipment than one man(city?) really ever needs. And so, off we go into the wild audio yonder!
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Welcome to the forum Dave (nice name BTW)

dave_gerecke said:
Is there anywhere here in the forums where you have a listing of your equipment? I am a little curious how bad others affliction is compared to mine:)

Not really... given how addicted some here are and often, how often things churn a lot would never be current :)

A snapshot of my living room (1930 PST Dec 26, 08 -- not all on or in use, it will be different tomorrow :)) ...

amps: RH84, RH84 monobloks, Don Stenton Sig, ELL80 spud amp, KingRex T20U, Sonic Impact, Aurex pre, JGordon diy RIAA
speakers: 2 sets of Fonkens, GR Fonkens, µFonkens, mFonkens, Aiko, push-push ApexJr Super8 sub, CSS SDX7 powered sub
Sources: iBook with Edirol U25, Magnavox DVD, Denon DVD, Sony Playstation (thanx Stu), Technics tuner with Gregg the Geek tube output amp, Rega II w Linn Basik ...

Hello Planet10, Thanks for the name complement. I would have to agree that your name is cool also:D

I'm just recently getting back into experimenting with my equipment. I've been off into other interests for a while. My main system consists of an Acurus ACT-3 preamp, AB International Precedent 600 & 900 amps (passive bi-amp). I mostly listen to CD's and I'm currently using a cheapo Insignia DVD recorder for this. I'm waiting for the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray shakeout to finish.:xeye:

As far as the DIY stuff, I haven't decided what to start with. I have enough parts to build a dozen or so amps/preamps, etc. I am thinking a gainclone for my PC, since I the speakers I have for it are OEM PC garbage.

Thanks for the welcome.


This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.