Another high end hybred chip amp?

I was doing some research (looking for reviews) on a amp (Blue Circle BC28) that a coworker was considering purchasing from a audio shop in Amherst MA. one of the "on-line" mags did a review in 2003 and had a lab test the amp with the results to compliment the reviewers article (which was positive by the way) . In the lab test findings they noted that the amps output stage, while resembling power transistors, were actually 4 pin devices, which (they conclude) if you include the case, suggests a power opamp. I can think of only one device that meets this criteria. (LM12) The test report is available here: Blue Circle BC28




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2002-12-22 2:13 am
Calgary, Alberta
planet10 said:
Just a wordy description of a standard bridged output stage.


Oh, like so I guess:


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