Another Aleph

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Hi guys!

Here's another Aleph just finished:



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No, it is from what I can hear with my ear against the speaker (~87dB sens.).

I can also tell you that there is a big difference in this "heard" ripple (along with the other aspects of the sound) with various types of caps.
I my SOZ I have experimented with this, and come to the conclusion that quantity (of uF) cannot substitute for quality.

As to the very small amount of hum (from the woofer), I think it comes from the 20mV DC-offset on the outputs...

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I cannot believe how good this amp sounds!!

Why hasn't anyone said this before?

Why doesn't everyone buy Pass's amps?

Is it just me?

Am I going insane?

-I guess the answers give themselves, but I just wanted to say it :emoticon:

For me, this is just like a dream come true. I have had dozens of amps, but nothing even comes close to this one.

Complete resolution from top to bottom. A firm, massive bassline. A large, airy and deep soundstage. Vocalists are IN the living room. The timbre of any instrument is real. Nothing gets in the way of anything else. The amp dishes out anything I throw at it. A real sense of POWER.

I could go on all night...

Just wanted to let you know how it sounds.

BTW -I listen to a very broad range of music, so it is very important for me that my setup can manage all kinds of music, and doesn't favour any particular form too much...

Also: DMB are the best!!

Peace, and thanks for the kind words folks.


What exactly do you think you are trying to do here? I am IN THE PROCESS of building my A30 and now thanks to you I am just dying to get it ready. I can hardly wait and will have to go home straight from work and continue the building. All night.

Seriously, nice work and congrats on the results which you seem to be very happy with.

/UrSv, Joining the merry crowd soon
Jada, her er det fabrikk....

Per Olav;
I bought the heatsinks (and most of the other parts) from The sink is a KS160 1000mm (160*40*1000mm), wich I got cut into 4 160*40*250mm at a local metalworkshop.

Thrust me, I know the feeling. But the trick is to hurry slowly, or else it might not be any fun at all. Also, no shortcuts, because they'll bother you till you can't sleep all night, and you have to do it all over again. Like I see it, this is an amp I can easily live with for a good long time. (That is, until I am finished with the revision of everything else, and the whole prosess starts all over again.)
-> Bigger, Better, Smarter, Faster, Heavier etc. etc. It all depends on the money I guess. This one is done a little on the cheap side, but I WILL NOT cheap out on the things that matter sound-wise.

Now, on for some more BZLS mods.. (Now I can really hear the differences in cables, spikes and what have you (fairy-dust and snakeoil)).

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