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    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

Angela Electronics - Customer Service

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So I bought four lots of ceramic top caps from Angela Electronics, and when I got my invoice, I noticed the shipping was $40. Being that the items were $16 total, I e-mailed them asking
"Hi Steve,
Can you reduce the shipping from $39.96 to something more reasonable? If not, please confirm by e-mail that 50 top caps will cost almost $50 to ship.
After just receiving a second invoice, I sent another e-mail,
"Is this a yes or a no for $40 shipping? I keep asking for a reply, and all I get is another copy of the invoice.

After that, I got an unpaid item reminder, and I wrote as a response
"I have asked THREE times for an e-mail confirming that shipping is really $40 (seems high). Please
E-MAIL me a confirmation at ....

Thank you,

I got an unpaid item strike, so I called to ask why I never got an e-mail with a shipping confirmation, and I got a very rude response about how I was a non-paying bidder... etc.

In an earlier transaction, I won a pair of tubes, and I let them know that I was bidding on a set of output iron also, scheduled to end several days later. I got an ok on that, and then received an unpaid item reminder anyway a few days later before the transformers closed. Luckily, that didn't result in a strike. Does it seem unreasonable for me to ask for a simple e-mail to confirm shipping?
Hi Paul,
I've been around a long time in the tube and electronic business and have been to many Maryland hamfests over the years. The owner of that business can be quite arrogant. I'd say that you were being ripped-off on shipping to make up for eBay fees and just extra money. No, your query was not unreasonable at all. And personally I avoid that operation like the plague.
The order was for 48 top caps. I would put the weight well under 10 lbs. Generally, the items I get for them are USPS parcel post. For 15 lbs from Angela's zip code to my Zip code is $20.... which seems pretty reasonable to me. $40 though...man... that's just nuts. I guess I will be a partsconnexion guy from now on.
That's really sad to hear.

I buy their ceramic tube sockets, as I really like them. To date, I have not had any problems, but it's always nice to know if the owner is worthy of dealing with us humble DIY folk.

Then again, my orders have all been by phone, I haven't had email experiences with them. Have you been successful on the phone ??
After Judging by the complete lack of any intuitive way of ordering from them online; I only place my orders to 'em via phone call. I've always found the person taking my order to be very helpful and polite. For me; even with their basic shipping I get it next day :D
My only real complaint is every Hammond I've ever ordered from them was not in stock; but their prices seem to make the extra week's wait worth the while.
I also have similar experience with Steve.I tried, several times, to get the answer (by mail) to my questions and there was no response. I know.. I'm not a real customer. Selling only two transformers to overseas boy like me is only a waste of time and brings no profit at all. :rolleyes:
eBay has a policy against excessive shipping and handling charges. I have successfully gotten sellers to reduce charges to a reasonable amount simply by e-mailing the eBay link concerning over charging. The threat of losing or having suspended their privileges is pretty good medicine.

I have dealt with Steve twice. Before I did, my friend who also used to order from him a lot, "warned" me about his character.

1. He wants precise orders. If there were no issues, it just goes out the door to you with no other correspondence.

2. Steve does not always reply to email. Sometimes, his wife might, and you'll get a much better reply.

3. He's a one-man company and his time is very much pre-occupied with fulfilling orders and managing the business.

4. Items in your order list must appear as they were from the website listing. I did that, to make sure.

5. He ships even if there's backlog, automatically.

Got my orders from Angela thereafter, via FedEx (his chosen courier)

I've compared ordering with Steve and THLAudio (James Transformers) and corresponding with Silk, the latter two are most helpful with inquiry type of emails. THLAudio shipped my order without any problems, via EMS (which I chose).
TubeHead Johnny said:
Steve is a bit of a smart ***. I remember asking him about some Hammond trannies a few years back, and he responded by saying, "Why don't you build a REAL amp!" His shipping is ultra fast and I don't recall it being too costly however.

I've purchased from him a few times, placing the order by phone. Shipping was quite fast, I had my orders in two days (I'm near Chicago) and shipping costs were reasonable.

Since he started putting stuff on eBay I think I've made two purchases, both handled with the same speed as my phone orders and shipping cost was stated up front (and was reasonable).

Based on my own experience I'd buy from him again and his prices on trannys are the best I've found. I do wish he had an online order system though.

(Disclaimer- no relationship with Angela except as a customer.)
I've purchased a few things from Angela and I had a good experience. The shipping was fast, the parts were great and the prices were fine. I did have everything I needed picked out from their website so when I called them it was very easy. I do wish they had an online ordering setup on their website because it would be a lot more convenient.

Also, he has a pretty cool website with a lot of good information. There's also some opinion stuff on their that I don't really necessarily agree with but that's fine, never talked to Steve I guess because the guy who answered the phone was easy to deal with, quick and got the order right.
Overall, I've been happy with Angela and I have ordered from there several times. There is a minimum of a $10 shipping fee which is reasonable for a parts place, so Angela is good when buying in bulk. I'd definitely suggest phone ordering.

My two complaints though.
1. I received a dented Hammond chassis. No big deal though cause I hammered out the dent, but I figure someone should have noticed this before shipping it.
2. I'm only a 5 minute drive from Annapolis Junction, which could save me a lot if I could do a pick-up. No pick-up allowed though.

I get things super quick though since I live nearby though which is nice, and the folks on the phone are friendly.
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