Andrea Bocelli - L'Abitudine (feat. Helena)

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Your patience has paid off...

I wanted to know too...

Have a look at
Translated from German (in part) this means ""L'abitudine", in which Andrea sings with the young Helena Hellwig in a Duett ...

Have a look at
Translated from French (in part) this means "Caterina Caselli, Bocelli's official discographer défines this (Skies of Tuscany) as a « monument of sound», with ... the début in a duo of a student of classical music Helena Hellwig, daughter of the stylist Cella.

When I checked out Helena Hellwig on google most of the references were in Italian, which I do not speak. But my wife tells me she has seen a TV interview with the recently married Helene Segara, who said she sang with Bocelli. Note different spelling of Helena. Helene Sagara is very big in France and you can easily hear her on and find her at Ka*aa

Eventually I finished up at - nice site , but nothing relevant in the biography there. has photos of Helene Segara expecting a second child - first child was aged 13 as of Feb 2003.

To take it furtheur you could compare "Helena's" voice with that of Helene Segara or go to and have a look at pics of him on stage with various women...

More information found...

...looks like Bocelli sang with more than one Helena/Helene. I found a site in Italian at
which appears to be a page all about HelenA, with a link to a pop-up with her biography showing she is 20 years old (click on "Leggi la biografia".)

According to someone on usenet Helena is absolutely unavailable at internet shops and on file-sharing networks. A determined search today of internet shops turned up only references to HelenA's 2003 single on amazon's German website:, and one in Italy, www, in stock if you are interested.
Bocelli makes my ears bleed

realllllllly, you might as well pour high fructose corn syrup on your CD's

when Bocelli hit the scene in a big way he sang with an ardor, intensity and passion which seemed to destine him to tenor heaven, then the major record labels got hold of him --

I am disappointed more than anything else.

The singer is Helena Hellwig. And I disagree with all the negative commentary about Andrea Bocelli. Some of us LOVE the lighter, romantic songs. He still sings opera better than anyone out there, but if he didn't have a tremendous following who BUY his "watered down" CDs and DVDs, he'd not waste his time. Thank heaven he DOES do all types of music. The DVD "Under the Desert Sky" is amazing! So is the DVD "Tuscan Skies" in which Helena is introduced.
I think he has the most perfect voice I've ever heard, and I used to sing on stage. I've never heard him hit even one flat note. Helena also has perfect pitch. So, you're entitled to your opinions but you know what they say about THOSE!
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