Anatomy of a budget floorstander

Bought these ,TIBO Edge 200 for the bedroom as there so cheap and could seem to get any used floor standers locally. Mainly listened to by my partner.I do my listening in my cellar studio on diy monitors.

So what do you get for £70 including shipping?
Of coarse ill have to peak and maybe tweak.

Anyone care to guess whats inside?
Is there even a crossover?



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What can I say ? Probably you can get some discount price when you hold the whole batch. Let's say a number of 5000 ?

The business enterprise would start with about 50000 ( $-£_€-etc )

The target is about 2000 pieces production or maybe more :confused:

I forgot the acoustic polyfill !!!:hypno2:

About 500 for extruded puffled acethate :eek:
It looks like a woofer from the Fifties
Sometimes it seems to me that instead of doubling the coil value, some prefers to double the woofer !

Academically, you could revert the two woofers into one unit: isobaric load
Not quite nice to perform since one woofer is hidden....and removable panels aren't a good thing. ( there's the possibility of mounting them "kissing" but you lose the mid frequencies )
I was given a similar design pair of recent Sansuis not long ago; Long story short - the box is too small for the woofers, It performs better with only one woofer, the crossover was a waste of time, the driver connected without the xover performed well as a full ranger, but the high Q means there's still a mid-bass hump. I'll post pics if you want, but don't want to hijack your thread.

Starting point - measure the TSPs of a woofer & sim to see how well it matches the box/tuning