An other LM78XX regulator

I used TL431 once a time.

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Today I received a view prototype PCB's. Started with the positive regulator.

I like the use of my hotplate for SMD soldering.
Just apply the solder paste.


Then place parts.


Heat up the plate and ready.
Just solder connector and T2 by hand


And testing


I will post also the Bom in post 1.

Next the negative voltage regulator.

Some prototypes


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No zoom777, My first post I tested prototyp, made one changes on the Gerberfile.
Gerberfile is same as build now.

Test of the negative version have some faults I have to solve first.
Further I am testing the small form factor 12 x 30mm positive regulator as in pictures above.
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Thanks Zoji6645, I have mounted a 22ohm resistor at 12v to the output and the voltage dropped 3V. Hfe(beta) of my 2N6488 is 40 and there is also 7ma applied by the opamp. Max Iout is now about 400mA.

Origenal schematic had for T2 a MJE15032 with Hfe of 130. I can use the MJE15032 and drop R3 to 110ohm then it must be possible to get Max Iout about 2A.

Or replace D7,8 for a zener, then the opamp can apply more current.