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2002-05-15 1:12 pm
"Separately, there are a few areas in even the best designs where cost considerations are evident, but the conscientious audio designer makes sure that to the best of his knowledge, they don't impose sonic strictures. But the more expensive approach does not always bring improvement -- audible or otherwise. Certainly improvement does not necessarily follow from increasing complexity. More likely, the reverse is true. Progress is made when you scientifically systematize and quantify noted effects. This industry has been besieged by a number of unsubstantiated hypotheses (and its share of sales malarkey) of late.

"We need more scientific methodology so there is less 'caveat emptor', even if the snake oil has been largely reserved for those who can (or wish to) afford it. Objective double-blind testing has eradicated some long-held audio myths -- to my ears at least. Not that all amps, or preamps, sound alike -- but a lot of good ones are not necessarily distinguishable. Sure, use a more expensive part if it really does sound better, but don't waste a lot of peoples' money if you can't prove it. The best designs evolve from those individuals and companies who maintain a healthy skepticism for unsupported postulates, but are quick to grasp the provable achievements. The real art is bringing the greatest good (music) to the greatest number." ....:)

by the late Bob Tucker of Dynaco