an avant gardener

A big hello to the diyAudio community from Germany. 30 years old englishman (moved here 7 years ago). Interested in producing own songs. I'm here because I want to find out how to optimise my system.

List of studio equipment
Mac G3/233, 60GB drive, 544MB RAM
Emagic Logic Audio Platinum 4.8.1 with all the synths
Opcode Studio 4 MIDI-Interface
Genelec 1029A actives speakers
Behringer MX2642A 16 track Mixing desk
Martin guitar
2 unamed classical guitars
electric piano (Casio Celviano)
Takamine Santa-Fe (PSF-15C) guitar
Fender Tele
1922 Marschall Cab and 100W head
Roland JV 1080 synth
Akai S3200 (32 Mb + effectsboard) sampler
microphone (Neumann TLM 103)
Audiowerk 2 Audio card
Pluggo Plugins
about 15 sample CD's

plus a 700MHz PC on which I run Sound Forge, Acid and Fruity Loops and network the two puters.

PLeased to meetcha!