AMT vs Scanspeak Revelator Domes

Alot of buzz on AMT tweeters. Ihave been using various dome tweeters from Scanspeak, vifa, sb acoustics etc..
Wave very impressed with scanspeak for it micro details and more about naturalness in microdetails.

Recently heard a Adam studio monitor with AMT and found that its doesnt have that natural beauty of best dome tweeters.

If anybody experienced the same?


2013-05-10 4:11 pm
Hi Rhythm,

AMT is a technology, not a quality. There really is a very wide variety of quality among them. I've not heard a Revelator Dome but use the Mundorf AMT's and they are simply excellent. All other things being equal, the surface area of the AMT allows a lot more detail to reach the listener than a dome in most listening rooms.

As far as frequency response, energy storage, distortion and linearity the Mundorf AMT's are among the best in the world. For details I'd suggest reading this thread. Now, whether they sound as good as the top Beryllium tweeters, I haven't had the pleasure of direct comparisons.

Just remember, there are other good AMT makers, and plenty of crappy ones. :) Just like beryllium dome's. I would also love to listen to the Raal ribbon tweeters which I have not.

March 19th I have a small get together of the San Francisco Audiophile Society. Maybe just two of us, to listen. The point is more to talk about room acoustics in a small apartment, but my guests will surely have opinions. Any other DIY'er in the area on that date, contact me for meeting details.


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