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Amps, test gear, speakers, parts - free

When I retired some years ago, I got back into the audio hobby. I built a variety of gear, including amps and speakers, so ended up with more than I can use, and I'm on a mission to simplify life. A partial list:

4 watt 6N7/801 single ended parafeed with Tentlabs filament supplies.

Mini Zeus: https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/sol...eedback-impedance-amplifiers-post1236345.html

Mono Symasym

Tek 454 with probes, and B&K 3025 Function generator (both with Manuals)

Zaph V5 pair: Zaph|Audio - ZMV5 - MCM / Vifa 5" System

And lots of parts and odds and ends.

The price for some or all: You decide - maybe a contribution to DiyAudio ( or other favorite charity.

The catch: You come and get it. I don't want the hassle of shipping. My laziness is your gain. I live in the San Diego area.