AMPRO 1000: Make Focus Variable??


Hope someone here knows.

I have a perfectly good Ampro 1000, removed from some school's medium size room with low hours on it... it is designed with a fixed focus at about 23ft back. Makes a very nice ~14ft wide image.

A bit large for me.

It also takes video and RGB in as a bonus.

The problem is that the lenses are apparently fixed focus design. So, I'm wondering if there is any *relatively* simple and inexpensive way to get this sucker to focus down at a reasonable distance - say half - which would get a bright as heck 6-7 ft wide image??

(lenses are not affixed directly to the CRTs as far as I can see)

If not - anyone want an Ampro 1000?? :D Or, other than ebay is there a good place to offer it up if there is no fix??

AmPro 1000 CRT projector? Wrong forum, ask at
I have an AmPro 1100, and the focus is "variable", but for CRT projectors you have to also adjust the angle of the blue and red CRT, and some tweaks to the convergence.

This better not start as another CRT vs LCD thread.

Oh and hey, if you ever in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I'd take it off your hands at no charge:D